IP67 questions

IP67 Commonly Asked Questions – Questions Related to the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating System

Listed below are many questions that are commonly asked about the IP67 rating and the Ingress Protection rating system.

What is the difference between IP67 and IP68?

The differences between IP67 vs. IP68 are: An IP67 enclosure is rated to resist submersion, but only at a depth of 1 meter and for 30 minutes. An IP68 enclosure is rated to resist submersion of at least 1 meter and up to 30 minutes, plus an additional depth and length of time specified by the manufacturer.

What is the difference between IP67 and IPx7?

IPX7 means the product is only waterproof and can be submerged in water of 1-meter depth for 30-minutes. IP67 is better than IPX7 because it is fully dustproof and waterproof. IP67 can also be submerged in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1-meter and can be used in dirty places.

What is the difference between IP67 and IP65?

The major difference between an IP65 rating and an IP67 rating is in the degree of liquid ingress protection that they offer: IP65 gives protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It’s suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won’t encounter extreme weather such as flooding. IP67 offers much more substantial protection against liquid ingress. An enclosure with this rating will even protect against temporary submersion at depths of up to one meter.

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